Personal Space Weather Station

Central Control System

About PSWS

Welcome to the Personal Space Weather Station Central Control Server!

Here you can get registered as a user, or collect data as a researcher.

Learn about the Personal Space Weather Network

To get started, create an account by clicking here

Once registered as a user, you will be able to view any uploaded data under the observations tab. In there you are able to filter based on many different parameters and download files

To get started with your own station, click on the stations tab and then hit "Add new station". Here is where you can put in your geographical information and details about the model you have obtained. At the end of this process, you will be given a randomly generated token. This token needs to be input into your Tangerine or Grape device. The token acts as your station's unique password. Once input, the device will be able to send and receive heartbeat signals to our server, and it will be automatically marked as online. Then your device will be ready to begin uploading data, either automatically or upon request depending on the selected mode

You can add a new station at any time and have multiple stations under one user account. Each with their own unique geographical information and token

Lastly, if you are a research scientist who would like to be able to create requests for data collection after an event, contact Bill Engelke to be made into a Science User. Once you have that permission you will be able to create data requests that cause the ring buffer devices to upload